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How to Treat Your Vintage Watches Well

One of the things that make vintage watches popular with collectors is their longevity. Majority of the pieces go back a number of years and they are still as good as they were back when they were new. They will still look good for many years to come but only if you take good care of them. Like every other watch, you have to remember that they are fragile and susceptible to damage.

The inside of many of the vintage watches comprises of very intricate pieces, with some as sleek as the human hair making them extremely fragile. Some of the parts too are not resistant to water, which is another reason to be extra careful. Following is a guideline on how to make your vintage watch last for years without losing you time.

The guidelines

Buy from a legit retailer

The first thing is to make sure that you buy your vintage watch from a legit retailer because that will guarantee you of buying an original. Owning an original vintage watch will make its maintenance even much easier as you are sure that everything works perfectly. One of the best vintage watch retailers is About Vintage that offers a wide assortment of vintage watches from different brands.

The watches are not only genuine, but they are in perfect conditions and come in excellent packaging. Buying a vintage watch from just any other retailer may get you a watch all right but it may not be vintage. A fake vintage will obviously not last you as long as a real vintage watch would.

Remove your watch while on a safe place

All watches, whether vintage, antique or the modern day ones are delicate. When you are removing your watch, make sure you are standing or sitting on a tender surface such as a carpet or bed. This way if the watch falls, there will be no damage to the dial or the inside compartments. A soft surface will also prevent the watch from jarring if it falls.

Protect from heat, moisture, and dirt

Some of the vintage watches are waterproof but others are not. It is wise not to go to the bathroom with your watch lest water gets inside spoiling the intricate parts. Keep your watch away from extreme heat and dirt as these too may affect the accuracy or make the watch to stop working all together. When it is not on your wrist, make sure the watch is in a safe and secure compartment.

Keep watch away from magnetic devices

Some watches such as the Rolex 6238 can stop working correctly if placed next to magnetic devices. To avoid this from happening, keep the watch away from things such as audio speakers, electric transformers, telephone handsets, electric automobiles or anything else that contains magnet.

Wind your watch regularly

Frequent winding of your vintage watch also helps to keep it going for a longer period. This does not mean that you wind the watch daily but once or twice, a week would be a good way to keep it functioning well. If you are not sure of how often you need to wind the watch, you can always ask your dealer for help.

Regular servicing

As much as many of the vintage watches come in perfect condition and last long, it is good to take it for regular servicing. This way, the internal parts of the watch stay clean and clear from moisture and dust among other impurities that may cause damage.

Also, if you notice any deviation in its time keeping, seek help from your watch retailer or dealer. Another thing that may make your watch not work properly is corrosion. If you notice any signs of corrosion, take it for servicing.

Wrapping it up

A vintage watch is a classic piece that may cost you lots of money for repairs if something goes wrong. This is the reason you should always have it in perfect condition so it can continue telling time accurately while at the same time retaining its uniqueness. Always stay in touch with your dealer in case you need to have something to ask about the watch.