Celeb Style Tips – 3 Looks for Now

There’s always something to learn from the way celebrities, models, and trendsetters put themselves together. Sometimes they show us how to wear a dramatic runway trend in a practical way. Other times, an outfit might spark some sort of do-it-ourselves idea—such as bedazzling. And of course, there are those moments when we see someone trying a fashion-forward look and we realize we’re seeing the next big trend. Today’s story incorporates all three lessons, as Kate Hudson, Agyness Deyn, and Jessica Joffe teach us via their inspirational outfits.

1. Try the season’s sheer looks with a filmy blouse under a blazer.

One of the much-heralded spring trends was transparency, as models paraded down the Fendi, Derek Lam, and Miu Miu runways wearing sheer dresses, pants, and tops. Not to assume too much about you, dear reader, but we’re guessing most of you don’t live in a world where wearing transparent trousers is an acceptable choice. Rather than skip the trend, just follow in Kate Hudson’s footsteps and try a semi-translucent top and a structured blazer. (Just be sure to wear an unrevealing unfussy bra underneath!) In addition to the runway options, we also suggest checking out Riser Goodwyn’s Silk Chiffon Blouse ($365), Urban Outfitter’s Lux Sheer Striped Pintuck Frock ($39.99), or Pencey’s 3/4 Sleeve Print Blouse ($185.50).

2. Embellish a plain vest or denim jacket with studs and rhinestones.

Ever since we fell for the (much mentioned, we know) D&G; Jeweled Messenger Bag ($1499), we now feel like so many things could use some studded embellishment. Then we saw Agyness Deyn stomping around London in a black leather vest festooned with silver studs and Oliver Peoples sunglasses, and instantly started looking for a BeDazzler. Sure, her look is rather extreme, but now we’re itching to add some rhinestones or studs to a basic denim pieces, like a Levi’s Classic Jean Jacket ($45), Denim Flight Vest ($40) or pair of 501 Cutoffs ($48)

3. Get a jump on the next big trend and wear black lace tights now.

In a few months your wardrobe will be taken over by black lace. Get used to the idea now, because we promise it’s going to happen. We suggest that you start breaking in the trend by pairing black lace tights with a bright summer dress in the style of model/muse Jessica Joffe (seen here wearing a Fifi Chachnil vintage pair). Not only are lace tights a great alternative to heavier opaques, they’ll also look current for the next six months, so go ahead and invest a nice pair. We’re personally crazy about Lace Leggings ($120) from Kova & T (the genius designers of the must-have oxy legging), but there are many other options available as well. For example, the Dentelle Lace Tights ($40) by Le Bourget have a delicate pattern and a sexy back seam and we also like the Aitana ($18) style by Cecilia de Rafael.