What to Get Your Girlfriend for Christmas Nerdy Gift Ideas for Women

It’s pretty easy to get Christmas gifts for friends: you think alike, and you know what they want. But when it comes to choosing a gift for a woman, most men feel intimidated. Women like clothing, make-up, jewelry, and a bunch of other things you know nothing about. And when the girl is someone you really want to impress, things get even more difficult. However, this year you can relax: gadgets are the hottest Christmas gifts for both women and men. So at least you are on familiar territory. And what’s even better – you may buy them online, without having to go to any swamped and noisy shopping mall. Here are some of the things that are bound to make great Christmas gifts for your significant other.

The latest iPod Touch model! Perfect for a girl who likes to listen to music while on the road! It has 32 GB of storage, so she can virtually put all the music she has on it. Even if she already owns an MP3 player, an upgrade is always appreciated. This is a gift that most girls would appreciate. Plus, there are plenty of iPod accessories available, which means that next time you don’t need to stress out about what to get her.

A Canon SD780 IS Camera! This camera is the perfect mix between a compact, easy to carry around model, and a more advanced, but also bulky one. It is just 0.7 inches thick, which makes it Canon’s slimmest model so far. Though it’s small enough to fit in any handbag, you are able to take great photos with it. Very suitable for clubbers and backpackers alike! It has a 12.1 megapixel sensor and many of Canon’s latest features, including face recognition and image stabilization. It also has 720p video! You can take excellent photos and videos even at night. What more could you ask from a compact camera? And just to make it Christmas-themed, make sure you choose the red version!

Is your girlfriend the romantic type? If so, you could get her a digital frame and fill it up with your all time’s favorite photos. It will show you have put a lot of thought into it, and she will definitely appreciate it! Panadigital PAN1201W02 12 Inch LCD frame is the perfect choice, and it is able to store up to 2000 pictures. It is very easy to transfer photos from your PC, camera or memory card without setting up any software. But there are also more affordable models available, which are still great.

Finally, you can add something to the present to make it more interesting! It might be a toy from a series she collects, some homemade chocolate or a CD with your favorite songs. For a girl who loved Twilight Zone and has a good sense of humor, you could buy the Talky Tina doll from Twilight Zone. It is that scary doll that was around long before Chucky. My name is Talky Tina, and you will be sorry! is one of the phrases this miniature doll can say.

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